Fury - Darksiders 3


Fury has been one of my biggest projects so far, and one of my greatest as well. 

On this page I want to show you a little bit of my progress and also I want to tell you a bit about the project and my travels.

First of all we beginn with a little bit progress. Within the next days some more informations will follow.

Next you will find some progress stuff about my butt armor. 
I have made the whole armor part out of plastazote in combination with worbla's pearly art.

After finishing the patterns for all the armor parts I crafted them with worbla.
I used the pattern to transfer the shape of the under butt armor to the plastazote. Afterwards I cut it out and used my dremel to smooth the edges a little, then I used the plastazote part and transpfer it to my worbla's pearly art. Here it is necessary to keep a distance from 1 cm between our plastazote part and the worbla. We need two worbla parts, so that we can surround the plastzote with worbla. You'll need the 1cm overcome to put both worbla parts together. 

Heat up the first worbla part, lay the plastazote on top and press it down a little. Lay over the second worbla part and make sure both parts are still hot. Now you can put the edges together and cut off the rest materials thats not needed. 
After that you have a cleaner surface. If you're not happy with the resault, use the dremel to clean up the surface. 
The first butt armor part is done.

I used the same technique for the upper butt armor. The only differenz is, that I glued the plastazote onto the pearly art and covered everything with worbla afterwards. 

And thats the final resault for the butt armor part.  Just plastazote and Wobla. 

After that I smooth the surface with spray filler and some sanding.